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Lightheaded - Andy Partridge - The Official Andy Partridge Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album (CD)

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  1. Originally, Fuzzy Warbles was designed as an XTC project but Moulding bowed out during the planning stages, leaving it as a Partridge-only alaringrimedinsegidesuletar.coinfogh Moulding surely had interesting music in the vaults, his absence hardly hurt the series because Andy always was the general in charge of XTC and it was his tunes that made for the bulk of the bootlegs and rumors that circulated prior to.
  2. Mar 05,  · Andy Partridge - Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Box Review. Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by timnor, Jun 6, and the Ape reps on the official forum were "cheeky" in the most snide of ways to anyone that expressed unhappiness about the whole situation. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that it did color my feelings about the music for some.
  3. Oct 30,  · The Official Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album. Box set, includes Fuzzy Warbles Volumes One through Eight and bonus CD Hinges in an oversized box with a plastic sleeve, stickers, and the booklet Hit Record and Play: A Brief History of My Home Sound Experiments, by Andy Partridge.
  4. Swindon (UK) songwriter/singer/guitarist rooting in the mid's Punk/New Wave hype. Co-founder and main songwriter of the band XTC. Founded the label Ape House; initially to publish a wealth of XTC demo's in the "Fuzzy Warbles" collection.
  5. Andy determined early on that he had 8 discs worth of stuff he could share, so he decided to release a pair of CD's every one to two years, starting in with Fuzzy Warbles 1 and 2 ("Fuzzy Warbles" being a term that was "borrowed" from the creative language utilized in Anthony Burgess' novel "A Clockwork Orange" -it was a term used by the.
  6. Three CD set. Volume The Fuzzy Warbles Collection from XTCs Andy Partridge. Previously available as full-priced discs, the Fuzzy Warbles series contains Andy Partridge's selection of demos through the ages, songs that were later recorded by XTC, some that were intended for XTC, some were written with other performers in mind, some that were just written and never quite fit anywhere else/5(25).
  7. Jan 19,  · Andy Partridge; Fuzzy Warbles Collector’s Album. uglier thoughts that were purged from the official record. The only time an outside producer had a major influence on an XTC album.
  8. The Official Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album is a CD box set of rarities from XTC guitarist and frontman Andy Partridge. The box set brings together the eight previously released Fuzzy Warbles volumes, originally issued between and , and includes an exclusive ninth disc entitled Hinges. The large volume of material dates back to

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