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Mad Girl Love Song - Blue On Blue - Blue On Blue (Vinyl)

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  1. Blue On Blue (12") [12" VINYL] Mad Girl Love Song was inspired by the Sylvia Plath poem, Mad Girl's Love Song. "My greatest passion besides music is confessional poetry," Sada says. "I find reading and writing poetry so therapeutic and my approach to lyric-writing is confessional too. I highly respect female poets like Sylvia Plath and Anne.
  2. Apr 19,  · ღ Song: Love Is Blue ღ Singer: Charlies ===== Blue, blue, my world is blue Blue is my world now I'm without you Gray, gray, my life is gray Cold is .
  3. Mar 24,  · Oh my love neoreul geurin jageun gaseum eonjekkajina neoman ango isseulge (L.O.V.E GIRL) nae soneul japgo Fly (L.O.V.E GIRL) nareul mitgo Fly high (L.O.V.E BOY) Yes, we can fly to the sky (L.O.V.E BOY) I want take u there baby. I want you oh my love naman barabwajwo neomaneul saranghae sesang modu byeonhaedo Oh my love neoman bomyeon ttwineun.
  4. Apr 19,  · A black vinyl pressing is far rarer and more valuable than the blue which is alaringrimedinsegidesuletar.coinfoally it was to be the other way around with black as a common pressing and blue as a limited alaringrimedinsegidesuletar.coinfo album had only been on the market for a short time w.
  5. Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It), Happy Talk, Love Is Blue, Holiday, Dindi, Who Needs You, When I Look in Your Eyes, Walk in the Park, Small Talk, Snow, It's Hard To Say Goodbye.
  6. Mad Girl's Love Song Explication Musical Devices Language Rhyme Scheme: The rhyme occurs regularly. Th effect is pretty formal and masculine because of the mainly one syllabled words. Other Sound Effects: The repetition: the first line of the first stanza, “I shut my eyes and all.
  7. Sep 04,  · The poem by Sylvia path which names itself as a mad girl's love song is a love song of despair and lost hope. Reading through the lines of the poem one can close their eyes and vividly picture a woman with ruffled up hair and tear soaked blurred eyes sitting near the window pane with her head downwards weary of her lost love.
  8. In response to Sylvia's Mad girl's love song. the sun will spring up and blue stars will fade pitch black is but a shade you shut your eyes and you are born again you had slept and I had scooped you up to the bed I made you cry, I was insane #sylvia #plath #response #love.

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